Frosty Trail Race, September 16, 2023

Frosty 2023 edition was amazing!  And it is well captured by several excellent photographers.  See the full sets of photos at the following links.  The photos below are just a tiny sample, in no particular order.

Please attribute the photographers when using in anything public.

Photographer Yvonne Leonard – 50k start, 27k first km, 13k start, 50km AS3 and near the finish line of 13k and 50k:

Photographer Leona Shaw – finish and other spots near the beginning:

Photographer Eric Rannaud – mostly at the top of Frosty:

Photographer Paul Kennedy – various start/finish/runners:

Photo credits:  Yvonne Leonard, Leona Shaw, Eric Rannaud, Alaia Cherif, Paul Kennedy

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