Event Policies

Note: These policies apply to both Tenderfoot and Frosty. References to WORCA, Hwy99, and train tracks apply only to Tenderfoot Boogie.

Safety and Running Related Policy:

  • You must check-in at the start before the race.
  • If you drop out of the race, you must tell a race official.
  • No cutting of switchbacks on the trail are allowed.  Any runner observed cutting switchbacks may be subject to disqualification.  Please use the honour system when out alone in the forest and follow the specified trail to the best of your ability.
  • Please give right of way to non-race trail users and mountain bikers.  Please always be courteous.  We are running on WORCA maintained trails and it is important that we do not unduly impact WORCA trail users.  Be aware of fast moving bikes and step off the trail as they approach.  If we follow these guidelines, we do not anticipate any issues.
  • Stop at each railroad track crossing and check both ways for trains before proceeding.  The tracks we are crossing have active train usage.  We do not anticipate any issues if all runners cross with awareness.
  • Runners (50k only) must cross Highway 99 at Function Junction only on the walk signals. You must obey any course marshals at road crossings, and cross only when safe.  Do not expect traffic to stop for you.  Failure to follow these rules may result in disqualification.
  • Slower runners should provide enough room on the trail to allow faster runners to safely pass.
  • Take care with your poles when around other runners.  Do not use your poles at the start until the field has thinned out.
  • Runners may only leave the race route for an emergency, to help a runner in distress, or to access an outhouse/bathroom (or nature’s call without an outhouse available).  There are a few places where outhouses are located close to the race route, but not directly on it.  If you leave the race route for any of the stated reasons, please return by the shortest route where you left it.

Crewing Policy:

  • Runners are allowed to receive aid from their individual crews only within 100m of aid stations.  Crews can not touch anything at aid stations and can only provide their runner with items that their crew has brought. 
  • Spectators and crew are encouraged at all locations along the course.  See the table on the Tenderfoot page with suggested viewing areas.  Please cheer for all the runners!  Spectators are encouraged to sign up to volunteer – it’s fun to help everyone, and you get a free t-shirt and finish line food.
  • No pacing is allowed.
  • Finish line and aid station food is only for runners and volunteers.

Cancellation/Deferral/Distance Changes Policy:

  • Full refund insurance is offered as an add-on during registration.  Participants that enroll in the Race Roster enhanced refund protection program will be refunded by Race Roster if they are unable to attend due to a variety of unforeseen circumstances, such as injury/illness, work travel conflict, severe weather; accidents/mechanical breakdown, etc.  Please see additional information here: Managing my Race Roster Registration Refund Protection.
  • No deferrals or bib transfers to other people are allowed.  You may drop down to a shorter distance.  Partial refunds may be available before March 31, after that no refunds for the difference in price are provided.  You may move up to a longer distance, paying the difference in fees at the current rate.
  • If you drop out of the race before March 31, you can receive a 50% refund, minus processing fees and donations.
  • In the event of personal injury or any personal circumstance that prevents you from participating in the race you are registered for, we do not offer refunds or deferrals to future years races or refunds. We suggest that you opt in to the Race Roster enhanced refund protection program as described above.
  • In the event of cancellation of the event for reasons including, but not limited to, weather, forest fires, acts of nature, war, strikes, pandemic or other extenuating circumstances, Trail Whisperer will provide an update here and via email for those who have registered through Race Roster.  Registration fees include event cancellation insurance.  In the event of cancellation of the event due to adverse weather, natural catastrophe, or terrorism, this coverage provides full refunds to would-be participants registered for the race.

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