Tenderfoot Boogie 2023

Tenderfoot Boogie 2023:



Join us for a beautiful and challenging trail run or hike near Whistler. This event will honour Gottfried Grosser’s legacy of fun, low-key, community-based events in beautiful settings. The 2023 Tenderfoot Boogie will be held on a modified course and as a club running event hosted by Club Fat Ass (CFA). The course will be amazing and we expect the event to be lots of fun. You can race the route and try to lay down your best time, or run (or run/hike) with friends and get a sense of accomplishment just from completing the course. Either way, you’ll enjoy the lovely course with it’s multiple views and attractions.

All 3 distances (15k, 26k, 50k) will start and finish at the Cal-Cheak Forest Recreation Site. This is in a beautiful old growth forest with a suspension bridge and two turquoise rivers, and makes a great spot to camp before and/or after your run.

Course details are below. The course will pass by Brandywine Falls, the infamous train wreck near Function Junction, and along flowy single track. As this is a CFA event you must be self-sufficient and able to follow a GPX track.  All are welcome to join the CFA club for a small membership fee to participate in the Tenderfoot Boogie. There will be no additional race fees.

How to Sign Up

For 2023, Tenderfoot Boogie is being managed via a CFA Facebook event posting. Please sign-up as “going” here. If you are not on Facebook, please send us an email at Info@trailwhisperer.ca.


Course Overview

The 15k and 26k follow the same route as the 50k, turning back towards the finish earlier to achieve the desired distance. As with all CFA events, you can choose a custom distance that is right for you. All distances start and finish at the Cal-Cheak Recreation Site.

Starting in the beautiful Cal-Cheak area with old growth forest, nestled between the Callaghan Creek and the Cheakamus River, you’ll almost immediately cross over the suspension bridge. The trail loops down to Brandywine Falls Provincial Park, where you’ll stop briefly at the Falls Viewpoint to enjoy a view of the falls. You’ll return to the starting point via the Lava Lake Trail, and continue north along the Sea-to-Sky Trail.

The 15k route will turn around at another river bridge crossing at ~12k and return to the Cal-Cheak area finish.

Those on the longer routes will stay north just before the bridge crossing, staying on the north side of the river until reaching the infamous Train Wreck, with it’s graffiti covered cars left scattered in the forest as a tourist destination. The route crosses over another suspension bridge here and continues along the south side of the river. For the 26k route, the turn around point is the parking lot of the Whistler Interpretive Forest, just before the highway crossing at Function Junction. The 26k route returns to the start, this time staying on the south side of the river until ~23.5k, where you cross back to the north and proceed to the finish.

Up to this point, the trails have been rolling and runnable, with only 420m total elevation gain for the 26k, and only 190m for the 15k. Now the fun starts for those wanting the full 50k adventure. The route will cross the highway at the Function Junction traffic lights and will start climbing steadily. The trail follows the Rainbow-Sproatt-Flank Trail for ~9k, dropping down to the Whistler Valley Trail along the River of Golden Dreams. The trail winds along Alta Lake, with the convenient Rainbow Park facilities, and Nita Lake, before once again leaving civilization behind and climbing up to rejoin the outbound route. The trail returns through Function Junction and joins the return route for the 26k, back to the finish.

Aid and Facilities

As this is a CFA event, you are responsible for your own food and water. There are a number of locations where there is easy access to the route, and support can be provided if you have your own crew. Additional aid (water, snacks) may be provided by the organizers – check back here and on the Facebook event page discussion for updates prior to the race.

Runners are welcome to have their own support. Easy access is at the following locations:

What to Expect in a CFA Event

CFA events are fun, physically challenging, environmentally friendly and emphasize camaraderie as much as competition. Club Events are hosted by Club members, so each Club Event is a reflection of the unique personality of the Event Host. All Club events are free to participating club members. CFA has a unique culture and code of conduct – no fees, no aid, no whining, and no course marking. Be nice to mother nature, your host, and contribute to the community. Please refer to the CFA creed for more information. Everyone is welcome to join CFA to participate in Tenderfoot Boogie.

Expect to show up and gather. The hosts will note who is there and we will take a group photo. As with all CFA events, you are welcome to modify the route, distance, or start time, within reason, to suit yourself. If you’d like to start outside of the official start time (early or late) or from a different spot, please let us know/post it on the Facebook event discussion section. There will be no bibs and no official timing.

For the Tenderfoot, we hope to offer some aid (water/snacks) and may put out some minimal course marking. Please follow the Facebook event discussions or check back here for more information.

Please check in after you are finished and post your time, distance, and any other comments or photos on the Facebook page. We hope to have a gathering spot to share stories and celebrate completion, information to be updated later.


The following information is provided to assist in your planning; however, you are responsible for your own safety.

  • Please provide your phone number at the start, and check in at the finish. If you do not finish the course, please let the organizers know. A phone number will be provided before the event.
  • Do not expect course marking or designated group leaders/sweepers. A GPX trace is supplied for each distance and you must be comfortable finding the route on your own if you should become separated from others.
  • Please be prepared to be self-sufficient. These are pretty popular trails, but particularly for the 50k, you will be in the backcountry. Even on the shorter distances, a wrong turn will quickly take you into the back country. Please carry the 10 essentials, including sufficient food and water.
  • A water filter of the type that can attach to your water bottle is always a good idea and is a great backup in case you run out of water along the way so you can refill at streams.
  • We will cross the railroad tracks 2x on the 26k and 50k routes, please use caution.
  • Everyone is encouraged to post your expected pace/distance in the Facebook discussion and we’ll try to group up into similar pace groups.
  • Be bear aware. See Wildlife Safety – Bears from BC Parks.

Start/Finish Location and Where to Stay

The event will start and finish adjacent to the Cal-Cheak Forest Recreation Camping Site. If you’d like to avoid the drive from Vancouver before and after the event, this is a great place to stay if you enjoy camping with minimal services. Cal-Cheak is a lovely first come/first served campsite with 55 sites with picnic tables and outhouses. Water needs to be treated. If you want to come up the day before the event, it is advised to come earlier in the day, as the site fills up quickly. An open spot is not guaranteed. Arriving on Saturday and planning to stay after the event will also be high risk to obtain a spot. There are also other accommodations available in Whistler:

Tenderfoot Boogie 2023 Orientation Run – May 13th, 2023

We will be holding an orientation run on May 13th, 9AM, Cal-Cheak Recreation site. The run will follow the 15k and 26k course. You are welcome to join the orientation run whether or not you plan to run the Tenderfoot Boogie on June 24th. See here for more information.


If you have questions that aren’t answered on this page, feel free to post them in the discussion session of the Facebook event, as others may have similar questions. Alternatively, you can send an email to Frostynov04@gmail.com.

Maps and Elevation Profiles

50K, 1550m:     https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/156370846

Elevation profile in metres

26k, 420m:     https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/155626241

Elevation profile in metres:

15k, 190m:    https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/156372398

Elevation profile in metres:

  • Whistler Interpretive Forest Map

Original Page

Traditional Event Details – not valid for 2023

On Saturday June 24, 2023 – the Tenderfoot Boogie will take you from Squamish to Whistler. Through lush forests and around glacier-fed streams and rivers, you’ll experience the timeless beauty of the Sea-to-Sky corridor. All races finish in Meadow Park, Whistler.

Please note there are no dogs or pacers allowed on this course.

Additional race information will be emailed to you prior to race day. Also, keep an eye out on the website and follow Trail Whisperer on social media as we provide more details.

All races finish at Meadow Park in Whistler where you will be treated to a post-race BBQ.


Start time is 9:30am at Function Junction in Whistler. Shuttle will depart Meadow Park at 8:30am.


Start time is 8:00am at Brandywine Falls Provincial Park parking lot. Shuttle will depart Meadow Park at 7:00am.


Start time is 6:00am at the end of Paradise Valley Road (7.5km from Sea to Sky Hwy) in Squamish. Shuttle will depart Meadow Park at 4:30am.


The last day to register for the Tenderfoot Boogie is June 22, 2023 and there will be no race day registration available.


  • Early (before March 31) – $65
  • Regular (April 1 – June 22) – $75


  • Early (before March 31) – $90
  • Regular (April 1 – June 22) – $100


  • Early (before March 31) – $125
  • Regular (April 1 – June 22) – $135

Registration pricing is in CAD and includes your event t-shirt, race bib, fully stocked aid stations, finish line food, finisher’s medal.

* Registration for Tenderfoot Boogie is currently suspended – see announcement above for further details.*


The 13km and 28km routes take place in Whistler and the 50km route starts in Squamish and finishes in Whistler.

How to Get There


The 13km route starts at 9:30am at Function Junction in Whistler.


The 28km route starts at 8:00am at the Brandywine Falls Provincial Park parking lot south of Whistler.


The 50km route starts at 6:00am at the end of Paradise Valley Road – 7.5km from the Sea to Sky Highway in Squamish.

Where To Stay

Whistler Accommodation

Whistler accommodation can be pricey, so it is recommended to book well ahead.  Campsites provide a more affordable option.

Hotels and other lodging

Camp sites

Aid Stations

Due to the remote location of the race, aid will be limited. Please be prepared, plan to carry lots of water and nutrition. First Aid personnel will be onsite.

Aid stations will be located at the following distances and will include pop and water, energy gels and bars, various candy, chips and fresh fruit:

Aid Stations13km28km50km
Chance Creek Forest Rd17km
Brandywine Falls Parking Lot27km
Function Junction13km40km
Rainbow Trailhead8km21km48km


  • Aid Station #1: Rainbow Trailhead – 8km


  • Aid Station #1: Function Junction – 13km
  • Aid Station #2: Rainbow Trailhead – 21km


  • Aid Station #1: Chance Creek Forest Rd – 17km
  • Aid Station #2: Brandywine Falls Parking Lot – 27km
  • Aid Station #3: Function Junction – 40km (Drop bags available here)
  • Aid Station #4: Rainbow Trailhead – 48km

Race Package Pick-Up

  • Thursday June 22 & Friday June 23, 2023 – Running Room North Vancouver (2601 Westview Dr) from 4pm – 7pm

The Route

The Tenderfoot Boogie course runs along the Sea-to-Sky Corridor from Squamish to Whistler, BC. The 50 Mile and 50 Mile Relay (not open for 2023) start in Squamish. The 50km joins the course near the Tenderfoot Hatchery just north of Squamish. The 28km joins in at Brandywine Falls and the 13km starts at Function Junction, just south of Whistler.

The course provides all the terrain the west coast has to offer. Occasionally you will cross the Sea-to-Sky highway to continue in the trails, and there are a few sections where you will run on the road as the only option available. Regardless, there will be volunteers stationed along the course to ensure you stay safe and keep heading towards Whistler.


This course has an ascent of 615m and descent of 590m.

Download the 13km route .gpx file


This course has an ascent of 800m and descent of 645m.

Download the 28km route .gpx file


This course has an ascent of 1300m and descent of 760m.

Download the 50km route .gpx file

Gear Checklist

Poles are allowed in all of the race distances.


  • Top Male and Female competitor in the 13km race will each receive CAD$25 gift certificate
  • Top Male and Female competitor in the 28km race will each receive CAD$50 gift certificate
  • Top Male and Female competitor in the 50km ultra will each receive a CAD$100 gift certificate
  • All finishers will receive a Finisher Medal

Once the top three in each distance have crossed the finish line we will have a brief podium ceremony presenting the gift cards and 1, 2, 3 medals. There is no set time for each ceremony; however, they will be shortly after the top three are in!

Race Records

  • 13km
    • Male: (none)
    • Female: Karen Blom – 1:50:22 – 2018
  • 28km
    • Male: Guy Poldon – 2:32:42 – 2019
    • Female: Kathy McKay – 2:56:43 – 2012
  • 50km
    • Male: Connor Meakin – 4:25:45 – 2014
    • Female: Karine Travaillaud – 5:33:27 – 2017
  • 50 Mile Relay
    • Leah Montgomery, Daniel Heath, Chris Nicholson – 9:57:51 – 2012
  • 50 Mile
    • Male: Jonathon Garnett – 7:41:25 – 2013
    • Female: Heather Moore – 8:59:00 – 2016

Event Policy

For information about bib transfers, cancellations and deferrals for this race, please refer to our Event Policies.